March 13, 2012

Empower yourself with Positive Thoughts

 I am glad to bring in small changes to keep my body healthy, but I am not only my body, what I think and what I feed by mind everyday contributes to a healthy mind, and there are plenty of information available and studies made on mind –body- spirit connectedness.   While I continue my journey of gratitude, I find that it is very important for me to keep my mind cool, calm, peaceful and think only positive and empowering thoughts.

Even though I know that I must not be letting my mind wander and move into past or think negatively about anything in general, it’s been a challenge for me; we cannot stop ourselves from thinking, and the mind is always busy, shifting from one thought to another.  

We are either thinking of yesterday, or we are busy planning for the days ahead, and in the process we find it difficult to live in the now. Allowing our mind to dwell on the past, and looking ahead of what is going to happen, robs us of the happiness that is available in the now.

My son’s death has been the most painful experience in my life; I could not help but give in to the thoughts of why it happened to me? Why me? What have I done? In what way I have invited this misfortune into my life.  There are no ready made answers in life, only questions are assured and not answers.  

Every time Emmanuel my son came to my mind, I experience pain, so deep, that it would leave me crippled and paralyzed.  I could not stop my thoughts from coming into my mind, every small experience with him has been stored so carefully, that it produced a variety of emotions all the time, sometimes I smile, at times I cry, other times I am amused and at some moments I am shocked, silenced and there are also times I am inspired.

I try every time to move away from these thoughts, which is not an easy task, as the thoughts keep coming and leads me further into the details of my son’s life, I need to make a deliberate choice, a choice to be kind and patient with myself, to accept that it’s ok to think about my son and grieve, but at the same time I need to also look at what my son has gifted me with, as he departed from my life.

The privilege to have given birth to an angel, for the opportunity to have spent seven years of my life with him as his mother, learning to understand the meaning of unconditional love, experience love so pure and liberating, challenging me to love every person who comes into my life not only those born with special needs, but also those who become special because of situations and events in their lives.

And above all leading me to meaningful and fulfilling work-  of listening to the students at my work place, communicating understanding and sharing their struggles and sorrows and helping them find meaning to their own problems. So every time, I am faced with negative thoughts, I become aware and replace it with positive ones, I struggle, but I do not give up, I continuously appreciate and affirm myself for being positive, for positive attitudes transforms life.

Simple ways to keep minds positive:

·         Deliberately use words as I am able, it’s possible, it can be done and I can and I will.
·         Choose to be happy at all times, smile more, be aware of happiness, and affirm yourself as divine and magnificent expression of life.
·         Be thankful to all those around you, even if they have done something very small, do not forget to thank and appreciate them
·         Refuse to think negative thoughts, and if it happens, distract yourself into an activity you love to do.
·         Watch happy TV serials/movies, comedy that will keep you happy always.
·         Surround yourself with people who are positive thinkers
·         Read inspiring articles, stories, magazines & books.
“When you have control over your thoughts, you have control over your life.”
Be Blessed & Be Happy !


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