January 5, 2012

First Death Anniversary

I cannot believe, its one year that Mario Emmanuel, my 7 year old child is no more, for me it still appears that he is alive, and I am glad to have been his mother, and privileged to have held him in my arms, I miss his smile, laughter and his hugs,  I too have been a special mother, taking care of this beautiful child.  It’s been a joy to me to have him in my life, for the lessons that he brought into my life.

 Today, I remember him once again with love, and the fondest memories he has left, nothing can take away the love that he shared, and the warmth that he spread, I am indeed blessed! and I thank God for the blessing that he was in my life! for I am no longer the same person, Emmanuel has enabled me to rediscover myself in a new way and I am grateful and carry on my life with gratitude and thanksgiving ......

 Be Blessed & Be Happy!

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