September 5, 2011

Happy Teacher’s Day

There is an interesting story of an imaginary conversation between a pencil and an eraser. 

“I am sorry,” said the pencil to the eraser. “Whatever for?” asked the eraser. “I am sorry because you get hurt because of me,” continued the pencil. “Every time I make a mistake, you are there to erase it. And every time you make one of my mistakes vanish, you lose a bit of yourself. You become smaller and smaller. And a bit dirty too.”

“You shouldn’t really worry,” responded the eraser.

“I was meant to help you whenever you made a mistake, and I am happy doing my job. And I know one day I’ll be gone and you will find someone else to do my job. While I am around, I take pride in knowing I did my bit to help erase your mistakes. Keep writing. ”  

‘Erasers’ in our lives

If you think about it, you’ll probably recognize that our teachers were the erasers in our lives. We were the pencils, sharp, and colorful. And every time we made a mistake, the teachers were there to correct us. They gave a bit of themselves – so that we could emerge looking just a bit better.

While this month reminds us of teachers day, thanks to all my teachers who made a difference in my life, and who gave a bit of  themselves in leading me to take responsibility for myself, and live a life of purpose. I also wish all my friends and near and dear ones who are teachers, a very happy Teachers Day! May the Good Lord bless you with abundance of love, joy and peace!

Be Blessed & Be Happy!

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