June 22, 2011

Family Meal

The last month was hectic, being summer holidays for my daughter, most of my time was spent in helping her learn swimming and send her dancing, while I managed to drop and pick her up from the these two places, I had very little time left, as I continued with my work. 

Excited about the small changes I have made in I constantly revisited my plan to find ways to influence other aspects of my life too.   While I kept exploring, I found that, after the prayer, each of us in the family got busy with our own schedules, and we were having our meals at different times, and most of the time, I found everyone glued to the Television while they ate silently. 

Having succeeded with praying together, I was encouraged and motivated enough to bring in another small change, and I found that having one meal at least a day with a family will make a definite difference. I was wondering how I go about, and I will felt the best thing to do is to share my thoughts with my husband and once he agrees, it would be easier for others to join in. 

So I spoke one evening with David, and he felt it was a good idea, that the very same day, I planned the meal in advance, so that we are together at the table, there was a little resistant from daughter for first two days, slowly she has learnt to come and join us.   I am still hoping that my mother in law too will join in, but being used to eating alone, and given the age, I want to leave the choice with her – but at the same time being open that one day she too will join in the family meal.

I found this change very welcoming – as it gave us a chance to express ourselves and also understand what is happening in each of our lives, and feel connected with one another.  Family meals brought in sensitivity to our eating patterns, and I realize, I do not need much food, as I am more aware of what I have eaten and whether I require more food to eat.  Planning for this meal helps me focus on what is healthy, and I choose healthy food for the meal.

Small changes bring in great impact ! I  only hope and pray that we are able to continue this new change in our family.

Be Blessed! Be Happy!

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