May 9, 2011

Small Decisions .. ..

Small decisions taken, often have great impact. I had been having a problem of not being able to read small prints of books and magazines. So I went to the eye specialist to check if there was any problem with my eyes, having gone through a check, the doctor found that there was a minor problem of sight, other wise my eyes were fine.

So he suggested me to wear a reading glass. It was only a minor issue, but then it hindered me to see clearly, and I felt the strain of reading when I took a news paper or a magazine. For many days I neglected, myself and managed reading without any glass. 

But one day I made a decision, and picked up reading glasses for myself, I found the letters were very clear to read, and vow! What a feeling, it made me feel so happy, and I enjoyed reading without hurting my eyes.

Often in our lives, it is some very small changes that are required to bring great relief, and all it took is a little time to meet the eye specialist and a decision to buy a pair of spectacles to make me see clearly and enjoy reading comfortably.

I am learning that it is such small decisions that make a great difference to our lives.  I am still looking at other aspects of life, I have also found that including plenty of vegetables, fruits, drinking plenty of water and reducing white rice and bakery items is making a huge difference to the body. I am still exploring to find out what are the other small decisions that I could make to bring in health and happiness. How about you, are there any small decisions that you are postponing ? take action today, and feel the difference !

Be Blessed and Be Happy !


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