May 26, 2011

An Extra Meal

When I was a kid, my parents worked extremely hard to take good care of us.  For various reasons we found ourselves in extremely tight financial situations.  I remember that we had lot of people visiting us, and my parents were very kind and generous, they would ensure that the visitor, no matter who, would always be welcomed, and given one meal, my mom always used to make one meal extra, believing that there will be one person for the meals.

I used to get angry with her, as I and my sister would tell her to measure and prepare food, exactly how much we need for the lunch or dinner, and to cook only that much,  But my mom knew that there will be some one visiting our family,  who may require a meal. Hence, we always had someone coming home, and there was not a day I went to bed hungry, because of the lack, even though my parents did not explain the reason.

My parents always believed that God is the provider and he will always provide with everything we require, so true today when I look into my life, I am happy and grateful for everything, I have never gone hungry to bed, and I have always experienced God’s mercy and compassion, I continue with the same belief that there is always one meal in my house for the person who may visit us. 
When we Care ….. We share

Be Blessed & Be Happy !

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