May 20, 2011


Desire is the most important thing that leads us to, where we want to Be in life, in  achieving what we want to in life – I remember years ago when I was passionate about helping people, but I did  not know how, but whatever opportunity I got I tried my best to reach out to people, since I had no clear picture as how do I need to go about, I took up whatever came my way, and gave myself to learning, in the process, I got involved in various kinds of activities, which opened up doors for learning new aspects of life, and each time I had something new to do and achieve, my goals kept changing and I moved from project to another project,  but that was not what I wanted to do in life.

I was trying to explore what was I made for? what is my purpose which is very specific to myself, and I felt that I had trapped myself into working to make a living and trying to love my work, this gave me a sense of emptiness and I still felt something missing. 

My children came into my life as a  blessing to me, as every time I took up some work,  I had to make decisions keeping them in my mind, my  top priority,  They were at the heart of whatever choice I made, and this led me to a state wherein I explored new ways of making a living, which would satisfy my deepest longing, and at the same time enable me to find meaning and fulfillment.

Gradually, after a series of challenges I am led into a situation wherein I could directly reach out to young people, this was what I desired, and much to my joy, I did not have to work hard for finding people, I was placed among them to be able to listen, understand, counsel and bring in changes in order to be healthy and happy.

I am overwhelmed and filled with gratitude for this situation in my life, and I feel it’s a privilege to be in a place where I have the opportunity to enter into the lives of so many students whom I   have never met  While I spend my time meeting and listening to their struggles and pain -I am honored and  I hold what they share with me in reverence and compassion, meeting my hearts desire to reach out and be of help.

Be Blessed & Be Happy !

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