March 30, 2011

Good & Bad

The death of my son brought in a lot of visitors to my place, and some of the relatives and friends who are close to us,  while they came to condole us, and in their wanting to help and empathize us were saying, why it should happen to us, when we are so good.  Why do bad thing happen to good people, I was listening to every comment, some of them were talking about my husband who is so religious, and why must he be given this pain to bear. 

This made me think about who is good and who is bad in this world, I believe that every person is good and has a divine spark within them, it is their situation and circumstances that make them behave in certain manner, which we interpret as good and as bad.   It is also a belief that good people do not encounter  problems, and  do not face suffering, which is a false belief, every person born as  human being go through a series of problem, from which he/she emerges and evolves into persons depending on the choices they make in life, and the attitude they have towards the problem.

I have heard and read about many great persons, who have encounter hardships and had to face tough times in life only to emerge stronger and victories by their attitude and the choice they made to interpret their own situations in life.  When I read about Helen Keller, Anthony Robbins and Ophrah Winfrey and Louise hay and the struggles they have faced to reach where they are at today, tells only one thing, whatever be our problems, struggles or challenges, it has got nothing to do with being good or bad, it’s the way we interpret and add meaning and value to the event and situation.

Be Happy !

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