August 11, 2010

Life's Important Lessons

While reflecting on my self and my life, I found that we can be happy all the time, no matter what, because there are so many things that one can be grateful for, today I am grateful to God for all the relationships in my life, for relationships have taught me to love, accept, forgive unconditionally. It is in this process that I learnt important lessons in life, and am happy to share the learning’s:

I have learnt to slow down, for when I am in a hurry; I miss out so much of beauty around me, and do not enjoy every moment in life.

I have learnt the art of praying all the time, and to be in touch with the Divine Power, for this gives me a great courage, support and confidence to live by faith.

I have learnt to let go of the past, for by remembering the past, I am bound and not able to look to future with hope.

I have learnt that Change Is the Only Constant thing in life, and if I have to take a breath, I must release my breath.

I have learnt to make a Difference – to do what I can and to make every moment a memorable one.

I have learnt to be happy, for difficult times don’t require you to be tough on yourself. I decide and dare to be happy for it’s a choice I make for myself.

I have learnt that Things don’t have to be good to be great. You can be great, no matter what your life situation is.

Be Happy !

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