July 19, 2010

A Short Story

Nipun had gone to his grandparent’s village along with his parents. They had gone to bring grandpa and grandma to their home in the city. While Nipun and his parents were preparing to leave, Nipun saw his grandfather, planting a sapling in the garden. This surprised him. He went to his grandfather and asked, Grandpa, you are going to stay in the city. What is the use of planting a mango sapling now? you will not be here to enjoy its fruit.”

Grandpa smiled and said, “Nipun, you have been eating the delicious fruits from the mango and guava trees in my garden. Did you know these trees were not planted by me? These trees were planted by my grandfather and now we are enjoying their fruits. In the same way, other people will enjoy the fruits of this sapling when it grows up and becomes a tall tree.”

My Thoughts

We have been blessed with a beautiful world to live in, which was created by our forefathers let us learn to enjoy the beauty of nature and also take care of it for the next generation to enjoy it.

We all have positive debts, and the best way we can pay back is to give without expecting anything in return.

When I perform acts of kindness, so that others benefit, it makes you feel differently about who you are. And from those kinds of feelings YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE IN AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE.


  1. Hello from Ireland.Lovely blog entry. I signed on as a follower.

  2. welcome claire, nice to meet you here, thanks for stopping by.
    G Angela


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