February 3, 2010

Thank you note for someone special

Today, I felt like writing, it’s been a long time, and every day I am thinking of posting an inspiration, but I am postponing, there are so many things happening, and I am full of thanksgiving, and each day I want to write and make it known to the world, the blessings I receive, and I do not want to take any small blessings for granted.

In the last few weeks, there has been deadlines to meet, reports to complete, and appointments to keep to myself, my family and also my friends, it’s been a tough month – the more I thought how difficult it is to post, the more difficult it became to post.

Finally today I made a decision to post come what may for every blessing that I have received, and some of them are so sweet, I cannot hold it in my heart but share. Here is a very recent one:

I received a call from my best friend, who chose to give me a gift for my birthday, and she surprised me in such a way that I almost lost my balance – and it was too much for me to take, to feel, to understand, for I have experienced love, care and concern which was mind blowing, the gift was 3 hours for my self at beauty parlour – I wept with gratitude, and took this gift to my heart, and lo – I was never the same again. I felt so good, so relieved, so relaxed and for those hours I forgot where I was, my heart cried with gratitude to the God most high for gifting me with such lovely friend.

Thank you Friend for that lovely Gift – you have always inspired me, and surprised me and have assisted me in the process of transforming myself in what I could be, than what I am. You are a blessings – and I am proud to be Your Friend


  1. Thanks Carmel ! I have forgotten about this post written, almost two years back, glad you brought back the memory ! I am still filled with awe for the gesture ..


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