November 12, 2009


While I was talking to one of my friend, he shared a beautiful story, and it really touched me to the core and also set me thinking, It was a story of a young man who was found sitting at the sea shore and doing nothing, every person who saw him, thought he was mad, and nobody bothered to find out what he was doing, until one day a stranger walked towards him to observe what exactly was happening with this person sitting on the sand.

When he went close by, he was surprised to find this man taking the starfish and throwing it back into the sea, the stranger asked the young man, what he was doing, and the young man replied, I am throwing the star fishes back into the water so that they may survive. If I leave this star fishes that are coming at the shore by the waves, they will die in the sand.

The stranger thought what a foolish man, he is and told him, can you see the length of the sea, the young man replied no I can’t, do you know how far stretched is the sea, again the young man said I do not know, then the stranger told him, this is a vast sea, every day there thousands of star fish that come to the sea shore from the waves, and you are here just looking at the this part of the shore.

The young man replied, “I can only save these starfish” every day which comes in contact with me.

What a profound thought, there are so many problems in this world, and there so many issues to deal with, we are not here to solve all the problems, we are placed in a particular situation and circumstance, and only we can respond from our heart to what we are called to..


  1. awesome.....i have a question.....when in life a situation come where u feel u cannot do anything or u r feeling fearful of.......... when things seems to be at pause...when u feel why god choose u 4 this how to motivate to live life and not to loose faith???????

  2. The best thing to do is to accept what ever comes in our way, and look for the gifts that it has brought to us, every experience brings with it, some learning for us, learning to be thankful, brings in calmness and helps you to move on....


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