August 4, 2009


How often do we start worrying about what others think of us? How many times we do things, agree to commit in order to make other’s happy, or even live up to their expectations, by agreeing to conform to the standard set by others, we do injustice to ourselves, by not being ourselves, and in the process we become unreasonable to our own selves, which leads us to unhappiness, and creates situations in which we struggle, when stop for a moment, and anyalse the cause of our worries, we will begin to understand how our mind works, what are the thoughts and behaviours that create such beliefs.

The Good News is that we can change our behaviour by changing our thoughts, which in turn will eliminate the beliefs that causes them.

Although this problem can be caused by different beliefs in different people, there is one specific belief that anyone with this problem almost certainly has: "What makes me good enough is having people think well of me."

Our beliefs about ourselves are usually formed very early in our lives first five years of life, most of us already have this belief when we leave our homes and go out into the world of teachers, meet other children.

When I first identified this belief in me, of course it took a lot of time in my life and thanks to my friends, and challenging books that provoked me to look within, I am thankful to so many authors – Louise L. hay is one such author in her book, “You Can Heal Your Life” enables you to directly work on your thought patterns, and has even evolved beautiful and empowering mind conditioners to renew our minds, and change our thought patterns which in turns impacts our belief system.

By repeating the mind conditioners and writing them in a book, and constantly reinforcing them helps us to change our mind sets and beliefs, as thoughts are very powerful for they create situations accordingly, I had started using these mind conditioners mentally in my mind, I keep repeating it, and when I find time, I even start writing these conditioners, and there is a lot of change in me, I have learnt to accept myself, be comfortable with myself, and to a large extent peaceful within, because I trust the process of life in me, and I am safe, healthy and happy.

Today I continue to search for disempowering beliefs, and change it to empower me – and by doing so, I am happy and live my life with gratitude.

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