July 4, 2009


My Nephew Sunny Emmanuel gifted a tricycle for my son on his Third birthday, from then on I have been encouraging Emmanuel to ride his cycle, He loved the cycle, but he had no concept of how he must ride, he was always pushing the bicycle around, and dragging his feet, I allowed him to play with the neighbours children who were very quick and they were all riding cycles, I felt that when Emmanuel sees them riding, he will pick up that skill, and learn from them.

I was very disappointed to find that he was just not learning, but sitting on the bicycle and dragging his feet, in my enthusiasm to teach him, I personally used to take him out, after finishing my work, and started teaching him and told him verbally that he should place his feet on the peddle, hold the handle and peddle slowly, this was a routine habit of mine, whenever I was free at the end of the day, hoping that he will soon pick up riding cycle like any other child.

I started this process when he 3 years old and now Emmanuel is 5 and half years of age, and I found him still dragging the bicycle, I was getting tired now, and left it in the hands of God – and told myself everything has a time, and he will learn in his time, and I gave up teaching, as I was getting too exhausted.

One fine morning, while I was busy in the kitchen, completing my task, and hurrying up for work, suddenly I saw Emmanuel riding the bicycle in the house perfectly holding the handle, peddling the bike, and coming towards me riding – I was so excited, I started calling every one at home to watch this sight, and soon all of us, my husband, Emmanuel’s grandmother, his aunt and me watched Emmanuel drive in style, and we started clapping for him affirming him for having learnt to ride.

My heart was overwhelmed with gratitude, my eyes had tears of joy and I could not wait to share this information with my friends, and it was also an experience of God, while I called him by name, I felt God was with us.

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