June 30, 2009


Emmanuel my son – a down syndrome child has basically been a fighter, and he has always been the winner, as I shared earlier, he has been improving remarkably well day after day listening to our affirmations, and I had tried my best to create an environment at home which is loving, accepting and conducive for him.

Emmanuel is the favorite child of all of us in the family, and he is very affectionate, loving and full of life, he loves music, and he will just start dancing if he hears good music, and he loves to listen to music and dance.

The only problem I faced was, with his respiratory infections, he was a very sensitive child, even small cold and cough will effect him badly, he is very prone for congestion in the chest, this was a real challenge for me to handle, and the most difficult part is to look at him struggle and not be able to do anything.

One day he had severe cold with cough and fever, and it was getting worse, myself and my husband tried to help him with some home remedy, took him to the pediatrician, and also took medicines for 5 days, despite that he was not getting better, as I am a working mother, it was difficult to take leave, I managed with half days, and few hours of work, going lat to the office and me and my husband took turns to look after our son.

One evening as usual I finished my work and reached home to find my son breathing differently, I saw he was struggling for his breath, I did not know what to do, my mind was disturbed, and I was frightened and shaken, I called up a CGHS doctor to find out where I can take my son, as I found him struggling for breath, she advised me to go the nearest clinic first and take the doctors advice.

I went to the regular pediatrician, and he told me immediately to take him took a nursing home otherwise he will collapse, unable to handle myself, me and my husband took him to the nearby nursing home, which was being painted, and smell of it aggravated, it was already late evening 9p.m they refuse to take admission, as they were getting the whole clinic painted, so we had to move to a bigger hospital in the city, and by then my son’s conditioned worsened, I was getting giddy, and losing my hope, regaining my strength and prayerfully I handed over my child in the ICCU.

Then began my trauma for the next 18 days of my life, my son was put on the ventilator, and every day I had to check whether he is alive, I have never faced a trauma severe than this, not even at child birth. We lost hope, and we were shattered to see our son’s condition worsening and every specialist gave his opinion about what could be the problem, the chief pediatrician felt it could be the heart, the cardiologist felt it could be the lungs and there was endless tests and lots of opinions, we just trusted God, and continued to pray.

We are grateful and happy to have our friends, relatives and well wishers who not only prayed for our son, but even supported us in various ways and there was a miracle, exactly on his second birthday on 8 December 2005 the ventilator was removed, and Emmanuel was given back to us.

This experience has not only shaken us from within, but it has also helped me to look at life closely, renew myself to live a life of gratitude… and it has also confirmed my belief that Emmanuel, which means - God is with us, and has accompanied us in our journey in life.

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