May 25, 2009


I realize the important thing we can do for ourselves is just to simplify ourselves and our lives, we create so much of confusion, and complicate our lives, that we find it difficult to be who we are meant to be – lights shining through.

I recall Jesus saying in his gospels “Be the Light of this world and the salt of this earth…” Light to shine forth and salt to bring taste ….., we say we want to, but then again we console ourselves, not now, not today, another day, when I am more free, when I complete this project, when I finish this work, when I have enough time …. etc

Why not we decide to simplify some part of your life this week. Take time to be still, listen to our inner voice calling us "go on ... take another step ...” It comes down to one thing, one simple step - make a committed decision. Once made, we begin to focus and the universe responds to help us. In quiet still space let us listen to our hearts. Let your hearts guide our way.

So clear out the cupboard, the wardrobe, the shelf, and the clutter whatever - if we haven't used it or worn it for a year then give it to someone who will use it or wear it and see the difference it makes in life.

The simplified life is a sanctified life

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