May 21, 2009

My Father

While I was writing about my mother on the Mother’s day, I was also thinking of my father, and I do not want to wait for the Father’s day to post this, I felt strongly inclined to write about my dad, who was a very simple, down to earth with great faith in God and the church, he was a man who believed and he worked very hard, I hardly saw my dad except on the weekly off days, wherein he used to go marketing and come home buying vegetables and seasonal fruits.

I have memories of him bringing all the nine children together to say the rosary every evening at 7p.m. It used to be exactly one hour of family prayer, with candles lit and the whole house incensed. It was painful for me to sit for an hour of prayer, but my dad was particular that all of us be there for the prayer, even though it appeared boring, I see the value now, and I understand my father was the product of his time, and he did what he felt was best for us.

One important quality of my father was that he had great trust in God; he was the only earning member in the family, and was very sure that he will have a regular flow of money, and whenever I used to ask him, he would say the lord will provide, I used to be quite impressed with that statement, and most of the time he relied on Divine Providence.

My father was also very generous person who accommodated every one in the family; he helped his brother and also supported his family of 9 children, other than that he was very particular that there was enough for every one in the family. He loved to entertain people, his own staff who worked with him, used to visit him; he spent time in sharing his experiences of childhood, recalled funny incidents and some tough situations which saved him from death, and was eternally thankful to God and remained constantly in a state of gratitude.

I am grateful to my parents for all that they have done for me, and whatever I am today is because of their unconditional love and sacrifice, I had always believed that if I want to do something for my parents, I need to do it when they alive, and I have done my best till the last moment, and I am happy that even though they are no more alive on this earth, they continue to live in my life.

When you can think of yesterday without regret and tomorrow without fear, you are near contentment. - Anon

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