February 28, 2021

February Gratitude 2021

“Those who have the ability to be grateful are the ones who have the ability to achieve greatness” Steve Maraboli

I want to be grateful for a lot of happenings this month both at the work front as well as home. I am happy to be healthy and regularly attending work. There has been students coming to the counseling centre, which kept me busy most of the time –listening to a variety of issues both physically and on cell phone and depending on the kind of call referring them to other institutions and organisations for help. This takes time in coordination – providing ready references, address and at the same time also being available if there are any query.

I am happy when I keep getting students to visit the centre. The University has now opened and it’s a pleasure to see students all around the place. The rules continue to be strict, no mask no entry, sanitizing hands is mandatory. There is a security who keeps checking that social distancing is maintained..

From the academics point of view – I have been very busy with presentations, meeting the guide and also discussing with my fellow research scholars in making a plan of action.  We have been strictly asked to adhere to the norms of the University, to regularly meet the guide, and focus on our PhD work. I am grateful to God for this opportunity in my life, as it keeps me young at heart, and makes me understand there is so much to learn in life. It’s so interesting to be surrounded by students who are enthusiastic, supportive and lift one another, staying in touch, calling and reminding one another of the meetings and deadlines.

I feel blessed to have good friends with whom I can spend some time and have some fun. This month just before the Valentines Day which was on a Sunday; so a day before, ie., Saturday Few of my friends  decided to just meet in the evening hours. David was busy out with his friends, and Dorothy was attending UNIFEST – Festival of Youth and she was out the whole day. I had work the whole day and in the evening I went out with my classmates and friends. Each of us had our own commitments and despite our schedules we chose to be together for few hours in the evening encouraging and motivating one another. It was a refreshing experience, and am glad for the Galentine’s Day.

I am happy to have interacted with children whose parents/ or one parent is in prison. There’s a home run for them where they are provided with basic needs and also given education. I was invited for an hour’s session with them; there were some 25 children from the age group of 13 to 20 years. I enjoyed listening to them and their challenges; some questions touched my heart and I kept thinking about it for a long time.

One child asked me if I could teach her to control her tears… I told  her that its okay to cry – and crying is allowed, another one asked me how to control anger and some more how to focus on studies, unable to concentrate, thinking about family etc… I gave them tips to concentrate and spoke on study plan and at the end of the session did a laughter therapy and I can never forget their smile and laughter. This was so satisfying and fulfilling work that I decided to do more of these sessions and also take help from my friends who can help these kids.

Work Anniversary of  David

This month my Director was very busy– there was a request programme for her to take a session for one of the college girls on Coping with Examination amidst the Pandemic. As she was already engaged with other commitments, she asked me to take this session. It was a virtual session after their college hours. I agreed and prepared myself well for this session. The response was positive, there were a lot of fears and anxiety issues as they had to attend online classes and exams will be conducted online... I responded to them and gave them tips to deal with anxiety and fears.

At home there was no helper as she had gone to her village- so managing the household chores – thankfully David and Dorothy are helpful and reach out in whatever ways possible, between three of us we managed quite well. I am grateful for the gift of my daughter as she not only manages her academics, sings in the parish choir, plays the keyboard – this month the Telugu choir needed some help and she went out of her way to learn the Telugu songs and play for the Telugu mass.

She is also active volunteer in the Young Women Christian Association gets opportunity involves herself in the youth group. With all these things she also helps me at home and she a blessing for me and David and we are able to do our own work peacefully. I was happy to see her painting the mite boxes song with another volunteer who is her friend, for the YWCA which will be given to the members for saving some money which would in turn be used for sustaining projects wherein we have no funds.

I watched a Telugu movie called First Rank Raju at my nephew’s place on Amazon Prime – it was hilarious except for some silly jokes in the beginning of the movie.  I watched it as my daughter recommended this movie and she was also with me laughing out loud. It was very entertaining and so much fun and a satire on today’s education system and parents unending expectations.

This month was also beginning of lent season for us – a reminder to fast, pray and give alms. Some how I felt that we need to do this right through the year and not only for a season of lent. So I thought I will not fast J and will do so when I feel like; but I was inspired by daughter who started fasting twice a week, Wednesdays and Fridays – So I am motivated and joined her in fasting those two days, just give up or give away one meal to the needy.

I believe in prayers and it has helped me in many ways, changing my perceptions, being compassionate and not to be too quick to judge and believe in the Divine power.   

Alms giving I feel that its important especially now in the COVID 19 situation there are so many who have lost jobs, earning less and have so many mouths to feed. I feel we need to be sensitive to those around and do our bit of sharing.

This month was birthday of a friend and she was in the city for her personal work. She took this time as an opportunity and invited us for a dinner. We had a great time meeting, wishing her and each of us took turns to affirm her. She recorded all our shadings J to send this video to her daughters who are settled abroad and also wants to relive these moments when she is alone at home. Every one had something positive to talk about her, some shared incidents of the college days, another shared some funny moments and all the mischievous things we did as class mates. We cut a small cake and hand made card was done and everyone wrote and presented it to her.

The last day of this week was an interesting one for me; as a student who used to come to me for counseling few years ago, gave me a surprise visit – and was so happy expressing gratitude about everything he learnt, and kept reminding of some of the things I spoke – it was a pleasure for me to listen to him and also I was glad that he is doing well, after completing his PG here, he enrolled himself to study Bachelor of Education for another two years and works with high school children.

I am glad Dorothy is busy, attending her online classes and she completed her first year of the graduation; we are happy that she scored well and now encouraging her to continue with the same zest the second year too, even though there are challenges. She and her group of friends who support each other have all passed.

I am grateful the second month of 2021 which kept me busy and soon we will be marching J into March, 2021. There’s so much more to do – and hopefully, we are indebted to God for the gift of good health of mind and body, which enables and empowers us to do everything that we want to… we are thankful for all those who are connected with us directly or indirectly and the difference they make in our lives. Just thinking about all of them including the service providers makes me feel rich and blessed.

I thank vidya for initiating this process of forming a gratitude circle and inviting everyone to share the monthly gratitude post.. If you are interested in joining the Gratitude Circle:

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Thank you for reading my post! Hope you had a Fantastic February. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Be Happy & Be Blessed


  1. What a lovely post Genevive thank you for sharing it. A busy month for you. I especially loved the children asking you how to control their tears, or their anger and the laughter therapy. All of your post is lovely! May March be as rewarding .. xx

    1. Thank you Susan, its always my pleasure to hear from you. Appreciate you for constantly affirming. Glad you found this post lovely and yes I look forward to be in touch with these children and enjoy spending time with them.


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