July 22, 2021

JUNE, 2021 Gratitude

“I am grateful for what I am and have; My Thanksgiving is Perpetual” Henry David Thoreau

I am writing this gratitude post now in July – as I was not well for the last 15 days. I developed abdominal pain and it was severe and meeting the doctor and taking the tests prescribed by the doctor revealed the pain was due to gall bladder stones, which I had it earlier but never bothered me. Few years ago on routine check the doctors told me and also advised me not to worry as long as it doesn’t bother me and does not grow. So I left it, now in the scan for my surprise they found it has reduced it size.

Thanks be to God the pain reduced and everything is fine. By God’s grace I am doing well now and have even started working and also managing some work from home and at other times when required I go physically to the centre. Somehow I have got into the habit of counting my blessings, and writing this post is a great exercise for me to focus on all the positive aspects of life that not only brings happiness, but alters my moods. Here goes my gratitude list:

June was hectic for me as I was pursuing my academics, managing home and work.  I am glad to respond to outstation calls and a couple of them were suicide related I felt happy that I could help the persons and give them my time and assurance, that they could count on me whenever they feel like talking to someone, and to promise me that they will not think of suicide.  Still others were marital conflicts and these calls could be draining as there is so much of abuse and violence and these calls duration is usually long as the person has so much to share; lock down for some has caused more problems than one can imagine.

I am grateful that I could manage a lot of writing for my PhD work, visiting the library and taking help from the seniors and meeting the guide.

I am thankful that Dorothy has completed her 4th semester exams and she did well in all the subjects.

I am glad that David reopened the Sunday clinic - it’s a blessing to have a doctor coming over and serving the community at a reasonable price, especially at this time when hospitals are full and so much commercialized, this is a preventive step to help poor to take responsibility for their health.

Birthday’s are reminders of God’s love and grace and its time to be grateful and so in this month there were three birthdays in the extended family; and we took opportunity to celebrate their birthdays and thank God for the gift of these members in the family. Wherever we could meet physically we did and for others we could just be happy wishing virtually and praying for the person.  

Life is full of surprises and for this month my nephew invited us home for a father’s day celebration at his place. We had good time thinking about our fathers, sharing experiences and also children appreciating and acknowledging and praying for them. This is was for the first time in our extended family circle father’s day was celebrated as a thanksgiving day too followed by delicious lunch and fellowship Tea.

I am thankful that Dorothy is improving in trying out variations in baking – this time she made a perfect chocolate cake with almonds, for my friend’s birthday, it was yummy and all my friends were happy and appreciated her efforts and thoughtfulness.  David was proud that she’s doing well managing herself independently her studies and also helps us at home.

I had a friend whose daughter is studying abroad and it was her 24th birthday; he wanted to surprise her by asking 24 friends to surprise her in wishing. I took help from Dorothy and told her to make hand made birthday card and she did a great job; to which I added 24 book marks with inspiring quotes – it was such a fun to be involved in doing this and at the end of it we were happy to post it to her; the gratitude note she sent on whats app was so touching it melted my heart. Sometimes a small act of kindness makes a huge difference for it brings so much happiness to us.

I am thankful for the opportunity wherein I could take a virtual session on Substance Abuse and its Impact on Health for the students, and also attended a session of the same on the occasion of International Day for Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

I am grateful for every experience in this month – for being secure, safe, having meaningful work to focus on, roof over our head, food on our tables and extended family and friends to connect with and celebrate life.

I am also thankful to have had a problem with my health as it challenged my life style and brought in some kind of discipline in scheduling my meal timing, make healthy food choices, and be mindful of my health and health of the family too.

Grateful for all those who have come into my life, specially my students who trust and count on me to help them in their struggles,  and those who support me in  academic work, friends who encourage and motivate, my family which is  my greatest strength without them I would not be able to accomplish anything.

I continue my journey in gratitude hoping to give my best in everything I do, to reach the highest, truest expression of Myself.

How was June 2021! Hope you are healthy, safe and secure. I would love to hear from you J

Be Happy, Be Safe & Be Blessed!


  1. I am sure in India we talk of direct divine beings who are present before us. Doctors are considered as divine beings. They really take care of us. Hope you are fine now.

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    1. Thank you for your comments and appreciate your concern.


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