October 30, 2020

#WATWB –Dr Ravindra Kolhe

“The Sole meaning of life is to Serve Humanity” Leo Tolstoy

I came across this video of  Dr Ravindra Kolhe from Bairahgarh, village from Melghat tribal belt, at Amaravathi, Maharashtra. He and his wife Smitha Kolhe have been working tirelessly for the tribal people providing cheapest healthcare for Rs 1/- He says that they would walk 40 kms from the bus station and after 15 years the buses began to come to hospital. Dr Kohle says he still charges Rs 2/- per patient. Together with his wife they have even done surgeries.

Dr Kohle says that he had very good people as his ideals from whom he imbibed the spirit of serving the tribal s. Dr Kohle does not limit his work only to health, but goes beyond looking at developments in the village that includes, water, roads and electricity. Dr Kohle was awarded Padmasri by the Government of India and he says that he dedicates the award for the people of Melghat.

Dr Kohle is an inspiration, a great model of selflessness, generosity and passion who with determination and faith took up the challenge of working with the tribal s in a remote village that had no road, electricity and even water.  These are the kind of people who spread light and dispel darkness. I am glad to post this today as I am also inspired by these beautiful couple.

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Today I am also inspired by our local NGOs and volunteers who have been working for the flood victims of our city. (Hyderabad, Telengana, India). Our city had witnessed heavy rains and certain areas were flooded, lives lost and family’s lost everything. The flats, slums, and even some religious places were drowned because of continuous rains.

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 Be Blessed & Be Happy !! 


  1. Dr Ravindra Kolhe and his wife Smitha are extraordinary people. Thank you for sharing his story with us Genevieve, and about the NGO's and volunteers in their assistance in Hyderabad's latest terrible floods. I'm so sorry for that tragedy ...

    1. Thank you Susan agree with you that Dr Kohle and his wife are definitely extraordinary humans...the Hyderabad floods is a disaster for slums and certain areas, glad that there are good people who are assisting and hopefully things will be better... appreciate your presence here..

  2. Such an amazing and inspiring couple!

    1. True and am glad to share this, appreciate you for reading my post. Thank you:)

  3. Replies
    1. Yes agree; they are challenging works not easy to take up, need commitment and conviction. Thanks for stopping by..


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