November 14, 2019

Tree Love 68

“To Live in the Hearts
We leave behind
Is not to Die”
Thomas Campbell
Cubbon Park Bangalore:)

November is a month dedicated to the Souls that have left the earth –Christians celebrate All Souls Day on November 2 every year. The church reminds us that we are born of dust and we shall go back to dust. We remember the dead souls in gratitude and pray for them. Even though they have moved on from this world, they have left behind their legacy and we continue to recall, remember and cherish their memories.

This Tree reminded me of all the departed  souls who have touched my life – my mom, my dad, my son, my elder sister, my third brother and some of my friends, well wishes, mentors, guides, teachers  to every one of them I dedicate this post; and pray that their souls may rest in peace. 
Thursday Tree love  is a photo feature on Parul’s blog hosted on second and fourth Thursday of every month.   You are most welcome to join in, all you need to do is:

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Thank you for reading this post;

May you be blessed! 


  1. Yes, we remember. November is the month in which both my mother and my mother in law passed away, and I do remember them both.

    1. Its a feeling of gratitude of what they have meant to us that keeps them alive in our hearts and in our lives.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Archana, appreciate you for your presence:)


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