August 28, 2019

August Gratitude 2019

At the end of the month I am grateful; for my blessings are bigger than my challenges.

August begun with showers in our city cooling the place – one day there was heavy showers.  It is a challenging to ride the two wheeler when it’s raining. I am grateful that I had a safe riding all the working days of this month, despite a few pot holes, clogging on the main road, and the traffic I still reached safe and managed to drive in the rain.  I felt happy and Grateful after the heat these showers, and riding smoothly made a huge difference.

I tried my best to stay healthy, keep to my daily routine –walking for 25-30 minutes every morning and in between sometimes I made a few adjustments to walk in the noon and evening hours, continued with yogic stretches and also went to meet the endocrinologist and this time, it was not very difficult to get the appointment, glad that I could follow up with the doctor, take his feedback and act on it. Gratitude for the ability to stay committed to my own fitness and healthy lifestyle.

We celebrated Aparna’s birthday. Aparna is a good friend of mine and we have been working for years in similar field. Her dad was diagnosed with liver cancer and was hospitalized at Bangalore.  As friends we felt that this is the time to affirm and appreciate her. So it was nice that we were together, sharing experiences, also affirming and having a meal together. The next day was Friendship day – so together with my friends went for a Telugu movie, just for entertainment and had a great time. Grateful for friends who always bring sunshine into my life J

This month there was more of telecounseling- and am glad I am learning to counsel on telephone too J normally I don’t like to take counseling calls on my phone or even use whatsapp. I always prefer to see the person and like to meet them at my centre. Sometimes there’s a request for help and they sound so desperate.. So I take on temporary basis and still recommend them to meet a counselor at their own place. Even connect them to the places I know where they can get help.. Grateful that I could reach out to people who are far away and need help, which is something that keeps me happy too. 

I was invited for the varalakshmi pooja at one of my friend’s place; Being a working day, I chose to go after my work to her place. I was impressed by the decoration and the kind of vegetarian wholesome meals that was specially cooked by experts in their house. I got the Andhra taste of rassam, sweet dish, pulihora, and a variety of dal & vegetable curries. I came home happy with a nice return gift…. which is new to me.  Grateful for the thoughtfulness of people who count you as part of their celebration.

My eldest brother has been unwell and a made a couple of visits, took a little time on one of my holidays to see him and wish him well.  He had lot of issues to deal with his physical well being… I did not have to do much, was just there available listening to everything he was speaking. ... Listening is a loving act and sometimes can be healing too…. Grateful to God for my ability to just listen.
Thanks to David for adding these in the monthly grocery items:)
This month I took time to visit my second brother who recently came out of the hospital and in process of recovering.  I am happy that I could meet his grandchildren and spend little time with them. I have always enjoyed connecting with kids and listening to their stories of school, friends and their small little challenges….  Grateful for the time with the kids, felt energized after meeting them.
Blessed to have good food along with friends
This month I made some changes in our regular menu, so when I shopped for the kitchen – brought in vegetables that I would never buy. Ridge gourd J (because I don’t know how to cook) Ivy gourd – I picked up some recipes from the internet and tried making some fries and chutney’s. I was happy to make the Ridge gourd chutney From Shravani's kitchen on youtube in Telugu and also tried for the first time the bitter melon chutney from I am happy to have learnt a couple of new dishes… Grateful for the resources that are easily available on internet.

Ridge gourd Chutney:)
A few long distance calls from my friends made me happy; it’s always a pleasure to be chatting with your friends and update and share their faith stories and how challenges have helped them. It’s a blessing to have friends who are thoughtful, pray for us and celebrate our successes. Gratitude for these friends who are angels of my life….
pc Maria dorothy
Glad to have a friend in the city, she was here for a short break – I was happy to meet her and spent some time over a cup of tea. We actually chose an hour after work as both of us had regular commitments to be home…. we chatted happily and got so carried away, that we did not notice the time... Grateful to have people who are genuine and caring.

Appreciate my colleague for surprising  me :)
This month my friends’ dad Mr Arun Ghouse Adhikari passed away peacefully, on the 14th of this month. He accompanied us to Mumbai for a holiday in the month of June actively moving around sightseeing and not once I saw him complain about anything. A simple and warm person. This death reminded me that anything can happen, any time- we must always be prepare to face death and keep enjoying every moment doing the right thing and being kind and flexible, adaptable and relevant to one’s own call in the changing scenario. I visited the family as they celebrated the 12th day memorial service. Grateful to these experiences as they are reminders to accept the gift of every day with grace and live life to the fullest.
Could never imagine that this would be the last picture of Mr Arun Ghouse-RIP
This month David made a out station trip to Our Lady of Velankanni Shrine at Nagapattinam which is in Tamilnadu. He went along with his friends for a week and returned safely. Meanwhile I and my daughter managed though his absence was felt. I am glad he took that break for himself, after his mom’s death – he has been continuously busy, this came as an opportunity and I was glad that he took this break to refresh himself and also renew his faith. Grateful for David for being supportive and giving us our space too… this truly is a blessing.
Clinic restarted at Dayanand Nagar Welfare Association
Dorothy has been busy with her college schedule. I am happy that she has joined the choir- evening hours she is busy practicing keyboard. This month she had the first internal assessment and she was much occupied, I tried helping her a little in one of the optional subject. Grateful that she understands and manages most of her own studies by self.

The end of this month is a travel scheduled for me – attending a cluster meeting from the YWCAof secunderabad, ready for some learning, sharing and interacting with the other members, above all  NO cooking:)  What more can I ask for in life J while I am away for 3 days Dorothy is busy attending retreat at her college for 3 full days and David busy helping Dorothy an also facilitating the clinic.

How was your August, would love to hear. Thanks for reading my post, appreciate you for the time taken.

Be happy & Be Blessed ! 

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