March 14, 2019

Tree Love 53

“Everything has beauty; but not everyone sees it” Confucius

This tree is from Sailing Annex – Secunderabad :) It was irresistible and I immediately captured in my cell phone. It was late evening and I was walking in the lawn with my classmates. I fell in love when I saw the illumination.

Thursday Tree love
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May you be blessed!


  1. Amazing! The trunk has a wonderful curve - usually these old Ficus trees have straight trunks. A beautiful tree indeed!

    1. True Archana, I found it beautiful to hang around this place asit was well maintained and loved walking on this lawn. Thank you for connecting with me.

  2. So pretty! I guess the lights just add to the effect and heighten the beauty, Angela. Thank you for sharing this lovely picture with us, today.

    1. Yes you are right Esha :) the lights have been added to this tree. Its a sailing annex and I am so glad to meet our friends, thanks for being here, appreciate you.


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