November 8, 2018

Tree love—45

“The highest result of education is Tolerance” Hellen Keller

Ramoji film city gardens

This Dusherra Holidays I took my daughter for a day outing—living in Hyderabad I have not shown her Ramoji Film city.  I have seen this place years ago when it was just new while I joined the staff picnic.  So I have been planning for some time and working out the budget to take my daughter and am so glad that we were able to spend a whole day at this place. I enjoyed the guided tour and I clicked plenty of pictures of tree thinking of Parul’s tree love posts.

So here I clicked this picture – and saw how each tree some small, big, with varied shapes and sizes are living co existing amidst rocky area. Something to learn from these trees – learning to accept people as they are, respecting them and being generous enough in let them be themselves without encroaching into their personal space.

Thursday Tree love
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  1. Beautiful! What a wonderful thought.. live together, grow together :-)

    1. Thanks Archana, so kind of you to stop by and comment, appreciate you:)

  2. What a beautiful job of landscaping!

  3. Co-existence is the key. And how lovely the tree and its surrounding look.

    1. So very true, peaceful co existence:) and every tree with its own beauty amidst rocks.

  4. What a beautiful tree. Looks like as if it has grown from behind the rock. I like the setting. Glad you had a good time with Dorothy!
    Thank you for joining!


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