April 30, 2018

April blogging #A-Z 2018-Z

This post is written for the April blogging #A-Z 2018.
I have chosen the theme Books and Authors for this year.

Today is the last post of April A- Z challenge and I am glad I have finally made it till the end; today is also birthday of David. I am glad for the gift of him in our lives and all that he is and does for us as a family. It’s a day of gratitude for me and our family to appreciate him and let him know how much he matters. 

This book Zero to Hero I picked up from St Paul’s publication which is a popular book store wherein a lot of Christian literature is sold; there are also other books for inspiration, self help, for children and novels too. This place was one of my favourite in my younger days, I used to visit this place regularly looking at the new arrivals and picking up a lot of books for myself and also for gifting to my friends.

After my marriage I shifted to another area of residence so with kids coming into my life and managing home, work and kids in between I lost touch. I feel happy whenever I am surrounded with books. I will not even keep track of my time as I go around looking at the different types of books.  I saw this book in one of the shelf and I felt this book will be good for the letter Z and so here it is in my hands.

This book has only 143 pages and this book is divided into 3 parts. This book has short stories of men and women who have started their life in a very humble position and later on transformed themselves into heroes and heroines.

The first part describes people from different parts of India. These stories have been collected over a period of time from newspapers and magazines and retold. The second part is a collection of historically well known personalities with physical limitations around the globe. The third part contains stories about overcoming limitations and hurdles that are part of life from various authors.

I am sharing two real stories from this book, hoping to inspire myself and you:)

Palsied Painter

Chirag Shah, 22 held an exhibition of his paintings in September 1998. His 30 sketches and five oil paintings are childish, but undoubtedly monumental. A victim of cerebral palsy from his birth. He cannot eat, stand, walk or even lie down without help. His is the story of an abnormally grand will power, undefinable strength and courageous zest for life.

Sightless Chess-Champions

Ramesh and Dinesh were found at a wayside petrol pump by the Vadodara Police. Their parents were poor and abandoned them there. They were shifted to the Blind People’Association hostel in Ahmadabad. At the Blind school they studied 10th and developed interest in Chess.

They were helped by their teachers and with encouragement of the association; they played chess at the district level and later on at the state level.  They represented Gujarat at the International Chess Championship in Mumbai in August 1998.

The stories presented in this book are ordinary people and disadvantaged in one way or the other and who are living extraordinary life inspiring others and some even at the service of others.

This book can be completed within few hours. It’s a light reading  and lift us up when we are feeling low and challenge us to rise up and move on… enabling us to show how very small our problems are  compared to the stories given in this book.

Thanks for reading this post; hope you had a great time in the challenge… I am happy to have accomplished the task for continuously blogging for 26 days and survived the challenge despite so many hindrances. Hope to visit the other blogs.

Congratulating you and wishing you Happiness and PeaceJ


  1. Happy Birthday to David, although a day late! I hope you had a lovely day! Congratulations Genevive for completing this challenge in the amazing way that you did! Each post was a delight to read, although I think I may have missed some out at the very beginning, I'll go back and check. The stories of Ramesh and Dinesh, and Chirarg are totally amazing and wonderful ... truly there are extraordinary people in the world. Happy 1st of May! Do you have a public holiday? International Workers Day? It's a public holiday here .

    1. Thank you Susan we are in a celebratory mood. Thanks for the compliments too, makes me feel happy- appreciate you for your constant affirmation and encouragement which was a strength to write and ensure that I complete the challenge. We don't have a public holiday susan, ony shops are closed. It was a working day for me at the University.

  2. Belated birthday wishes to David. Hope you all had a great day.
    Thanks for sharing some amazing books and stories all through April, Genevive. I must pick up some of them and read them too. Truly appreciate your support ♥

    1. Thank you shilpa, yes we did have a great time for David's birthday with loved ones and the community at our church celebrating and appreciating him for his services in the church, we felt proud for being honoured in our community. I am glad you have found books and stories amazing. Thank you for stopping my - I consider you my guru for all the creative, informative, meaningful and some very beautiful posts you share:)

  3. Belated happy birthday to David. The cake looks beautiful. Your posts were so intriguing, thought provoking, each one compelled me to ruminate. Enjoyed those excepts you’ve shared. Many congratulations again for completing the challenge. ❤️

    1. Thank you Shesha, its a pineapple cool cake. I am glad that you found my posts useful and helped you ruminate. Appreciate you for your encouraging words right through this challenge and I am happy to be inspired by all your post on various issues related women.Congrats to you for having completed the challenge.

  4. This looks like a great book. I'm going to look for it. Thanks for sharing. Thankful Thursday Week 18

    1. I am sure you will find it interesting to read shirley and you can finish in few hours as its a small book.


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