April 13, 2017


I am glad to have completed another book in a short span of time – feel excited that I am getting back the passion of reading the printed word once more in my life.  The book that I read is “REINVENTING YOUR SELF by Steve Chandler.

It’s an Indian revised edition, the language is very simple and one can easily and effortlessly understand and complete the book. The book has 4 broad parts and each one deals with one specific aspect focusing on taking ownership of everything - our thought processes, the words we use, the impact of our thoughts and words which we use to communicate in our day to day living and how it affects our relationships and life. There are some 46 chapters, each one two to four pages and few quotes on some pages, which are inspiring.

The message of this book is to enable us from being a victim to Owners of our lives taking responsibility.   

“An owner will change his personality on the spot in order to keep a commitment. A victim will break any commitment in order to keep his personality” page 41

It’s refreshing to read a self help book of this kind. As it reinforces the learnings of being in charge of your own life, stop being a victim and take responsibility to the direction you want to take that will bring the best out of you, bringing you happiness, joy, fulfillment and sense of achievement. 

Taking ownership is the highest form of focus: It’s a willingness to bring everything you’ve got to the situation. To live in the now. When you do that, your spirit wakes up to join you in the fun. Page 54

This book is for all those who are tired and are looking for a direction to make changes specially listening to their own voice deep within; and taking action.

According to him Reinvention involves growing up – beyond the hurts and letting go of the past and take charge of the present. This book has a lot of personal experiences with examples of owners and victims.

Good for me to read this book – it has reinforced the positive decisions I have taken in order to reinvent myself once again.   

The season of lent coming to an end and completing this book as part of the Lenten journey makes it meaningful for me to get back to all those good habits which were lost in my lifeJ

Thank you for reading this post, I wish you wellness, peace and harmony!


  1. I like self help books that give direction to your thoughts, give a lot to chew on and ponder. And if they have simple and easy to follow approach with suitable examples, it's the icing on the cake. And reinventing Yourself seems just that. Thanks for sharing about it Genevive and it's wonderful that you are reading more now-a-days!

    1. Thank you shilpa, when it comes to reading books and reinventing the habit - you are the best model for me... love the way you challenge yourself and review books. I am always motivated by your writings:) yes I too love self help books as they make you think and reflect and its fun to read these books.

  2. Ownership, and accountability - sounds like a great book Genevive. And so good that it re-inforced your own decisions about re-inventing yourself and re-claiming your good habits! Hope you're having a great Easter! xx

  3. Thank you susan for being here; you have nailed it right - ownership & accountability are the two words that's to reclaim my power... this week being the holy week attending all the services at our church, bringing in meaning to all thats happening around and in me is part of my own journey towards growth and fulfillment. Happy Easter to you Susan !! May the risen Lord bless you and grant you yours hearts desire !! Love and hugs


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