January 16, 2013

Being Yourself

The year 2013 seems to be an interesting one for me – the reason being, that I have learnt to become comfortable being myself, in the last few years I have been trying to push myself and unnecessary troubling my mind and my body to do something, to achieve and to move on in life with a great speed without wasting a single moment. 

Now I have just let go of myself, my situations, conditions and achievements.  I have learnt to live each day as it unfolds –being conscious of myself as a person, and what matters to me - my body with  its weight, my mind with all the thought processes, and my  relationships that requires space, my work that brings meaning.  

Understanding my body and taking small steps in achieving overall health,  has become more important to me.

Checking my thought processes, every now and then and shifting my mind in looking at the postive side of life in everything that happens has become a daily exercise.

Learning to provide space in my relationships with both my husband and my daughter has become vital to me. I feel wiser to understand I cannot change a bit of their personality, but appreciating and learning to accept them the way they are, has given enough freedom in our relationships.

My experiences of life has led me to work for people, to be a helper, which was always my dream, to reach out and  help students.  I have learnt to derive  happiness in doing good and reach out to those who need my services,  and now my only duty is to be available and helpful especially to those who are broken and who need a helping hand, and I am  content with my work.

I keep enjoying my journey as I continue my life with gratitude, I just allow myself to be, happy, content, satisfied and be of service!

What more can I ask in life!

I Feel Blessed and I Feel Grateful !

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